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The hospital of Verduno is fully operational from Monday 20 July 2020. In addition to the reception staff, the Civic Volunteers of the Municipality of Bra (enriched by some young new entries) who help both the main entrances provide information to those who are a little confused. useful and accompanying visitors.

However, this service to the community is only the latest in a long series of interventions carried out in the city in these difficult months. The civic Volunteers of Bra, around eighty, have in fact dealt with surveillance on several markets, in the gardens, in the playgrounds and at the cemetery, in addition to providing a fundamental assistance service near the three entry points of the "Santo Spirito" hospital during the months of the move.

Given the great effort and the extreme availability shown, the municipal council of Bra wanted to express its thanks to the volunteers. “A heartfelt thanks - closes the mayor of Bra, Giovanni Fogliato - to those who have committed themselves and continue to serve in various areas with continuity and dedication. The presence of our volunteers in Verduno then shows how much Bra and the Braidesi already care about the good functioning of the new hospital in Alba and Bra Michele and Pietro Ferrero ". (Rb)

Info: City of Bra - Press Office and Public Relations