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Ferzan Ozpetek's "The goddess of luck" will be the new film on the calendar as part of the "Summer cinema" festival. The appointment is for Thursday 30 July 2020 in the Belvedere della Rocca gardens.

Alessandro and Arturo are a consolidated couple, but their relationship is now in crisis. In the crystallized routine of the two, Annamaria, Alessandro's former partner, and her two children born to different fathers, burst in, and all the balances jump. Annamaria has to do some diagnostic tests and entrusts her children to the couple of friends, who will have to deal with a parental responsibility perhaps never even imagined, as well as with the ability of children to put you in front of who you really are.

The film won three silver ribbons and a David di Donatello for best actress, a splendid Jasmine Trinca flanked by Stefano Accorsi and Edoardo Leo.

Monday, August 3 is replicated with another cult film, Todd Philips' Joker, able to obtain 11 nominations and 2 Oscars, as well as the Golden Lion of Venice and 2 Golden Globe. Joaquin Phoenix won the most prestigious statuette for best leading actor, flanked by another of the greats of the cinema, Robert De Niro.

Arthur Fleck lives with his elderly mother in a dilapidated tower block and makes ends meet by advertising on the street disguised as a clown. His life, however, is a tragedy: ignored, trampled on, bullied, made fun of by anyone, he has developed a nervous tic that makes him laugh out of hand uncontrollably, making him disturbing and further removing any possible social relationship from him. But one day Arthur can't take it anymore and he reacts violently, gun in hand. While the Gotham City police hunt down the killer clown, the population elects him as a metropolitan hero, a symbol of the revolt of the oppressed against the arrogance of the rich.

The next appointment will be for Thursday 6 July with Quentin Tarantino's "Once upon a time in ... Hollywood". The screenings begin at 21,30. Admission by reservation, with a contribution of € 3 per film in favor of the solidarity collection #IoAiutoBra. Info and reservations at the Tourism and Events Office on 0172-430185. (Rb)

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