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UPDATE: the deadline within which it is possible to participate in the call has been extended to November 16, 2020.

The Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra, the Diocesan Caritas of Turin and the Intercommunal Social Services District of Bra, promotes the "EmergenzaCasa 9" project to support families in a situation of temporary housing emergency, also due to the consequences of the current economic crisis.


Tenants who are holders of a duly registered private lease agreement and who meet the following requirements can apply:

  • family nucleus (de facto or de facto), even single-parent, with one or more children or dependent relatives as well as possibly a spouse, in a situation of
    temporary economic difficulty;
  • reside in rented accommodation by a private entity and not in a dwelling belonging to public residential buildings;
  • not be tied to the contracting owner by first or second degree direct family ties;
  • reside in the Municipality of Bra;
  • not be holders of exclusive property rights (except in the case of bare ownership), usufruct, use and dwelling on one or more properties of cadastral category A1, A2,, A7, A8, A9 and A10 located in any locality of the national territory ;
  • not be holders of exclusive rights of ownership (except in the case of bare ownership), usufruct, use and dwelling on one or more properties of cadastral category A3 located in the territory of the province of residence;
  • be in possession of a valid ISEE of less than or equal to Euro 16 thousand;
  • not having received the contribution in the three previous editions of the project: “Emergenza Casa 6 - 2017 edition,“ Emergenza Casa 7 - 2018 edition ”and“ Emergenza Casa 8 - 2019 edition ”;

PRIORITY will be assigned to households with a precarious and insufficient employment history for the maintenance of the family unit, with particular attention to single-parent households and situations of unemployment, mobility, precarious work, layoffs or termination of self-employed activity in which they should pay one or more members of the family unit also in relation to the consequences of the health crisis.


The application must be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • registered lease;
  • documentation concerning any current condominium expenses (mandatory for those residing in a condominium);
  • CU 2020 - 2019 income (for employees) or SINGLE MODEL 2020 - 2019 income, relating to all income earners of the family unit;
  • last three payslips relating to all household income earners;
  • documentation relating to the state of unemployment, mobility, layoffs or termination of self-employed activity (in view);
  • valid ISEE certificate (for inspection);
  • valid residence permit (mandatory for non-EU citizens).


The application can be submitted from 27 July 2020 to 16 November (originally it was 30 October) 2020 (before 12,00) at the House Office of the Municipality of Bra (P.zza Caduti Libertà 18 1st floor - courtyard of the former Magistrate's Court) by appointment only by calling at the following times: MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY from 8,45 to 12,45 at n. 338.7253283 or by email:

For help in completing the application, please contact the Together Association tel. 0172/244462 cell.371.3200552.

The application form is attached at the bottom of the text or can be collected at the Town Hall Office.

The possible disbursement of the contribution will take place, by the Municipality, after selection by the local Commission for the housing emergency, specifically constituted and charged with assessing the situation of the applicant families on the basis of pre-established criteria, which will meet in the month of November 2020. The Commission will evaluate, at its sole discretion, the applications submitted and no appeals, complaints, requests for review, or other forms of appeal will be allowed.

Caution: failure to pay the rent installments from the date of publication of this information will be considered a negative element by the local commissions.


The contribution, up to a maximum of € 1.700,00 (one thousand seven hundred / 00), will be disbursed by January 2021 in favor of owners who will sign a specific Solidarity Pact, with the ultimate goal of helping families to overcome the temporary situation of economic difficulty, aggravated by the current crisis. The disbursement of the contribution will take place until the available resources are exhausted.


Home Office - Department of Personal and Cultural Services - mail: tel. 338.7253283 (Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 8,45 to 12,45).

Download this file (Public Notice_Emergenza Casa 9 2020.pdf)Public Notice_Emergency House 9 2020.pdf[The 2020 notice]155 kB
Download this file (Home Emergency Delegation 9.pdf)Home emergency delegation 9.pdf[Delegation for submitting the application]56 kB
Download this file (Request form_EmergenzaCasa 9.pdf)Request form_EmergenzaCasa 9.pdf[Inquiry form]338 kB