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The school canteen is a service provided to kindergarten and primary school pupils and has both an educational and training function: it is not only the provision of a service, but also proposes to represent an educational moment in which to transmit healthy habits to the pupils food and behavior at the table.

Online registration for the service must be made from 20/07/2020 to 31/08/2020, by all children who will attend kindergarten and primary school for the first time in the year 2020-2021.

Failure to submit the application will be considered a waiver of the service.

Enrollments must be made exclusively online by connecting to the website of the Municipality of Bra ONLINE SERVICES - School services - School space.

The School office guarantees support to those without internet connection or IT tools: it is possible to contact the service via email by writing to: or by calling 0172 438238.



If you are already registered, and therefore in possession of the USERNAME and PASSWORD credentials (the active credentials are also valid for another child), you can access directly. In case of problems with access, contact the Financial Office Tel. 0172 438230 - 0172 438276.

In the case of the first access, the parent must:

  • click on REGISTER
  • choose the USER NAME and PASSWORD, fill in the personal data, choose a security question and click on CONFIRM;
  • access the system using the chosen username and password.

The parent who accesses the portal will be the one to whom any communications will be sent.



- Once logged into the portal, click on “ONLINE REGISTRATION” at the top left;

- Read and accept the information;

- Choose the child you want to register for;

- fill in the required personal data (child / adult and adult / s);

- follow the instructions for completing the SERVICE DATA page;

- check the data entered in the application;

- CONFIRM the registration;

- At the same time as the confirmation, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated during registration, with the receipt of online registration attached;

- repeat the operation for each child to enroll in the service.



In the event that the pupils need special diets for health or ethical-religious reasons, the Municipality of Bra undertakes to guarantee appropriate meals for the various needs.

The request must be made at the same time as the online registration, obligatorily attaching the medical certificate in the case of diets for health reasons.

If the medical certificate is not attached during registration, the diet cannot be applied.

For diets requested after the closure of online registrations, or during the year, or any changes to them, the Canteen Office of the Municipality of Bra must be contacted (0172




Each pupil who uses the services is assigned a personal identification code "PAN code" (virtual card), to which all your personal data are associated (school attendance, rate to be paid, any reduction based on the ISEE, any dietary diets, etc.).

The code is valid for the cycle of attendance: municipal nursery school, kindergarten and primary school.

The services must be paid in advance according to the rates established annually by the Municipal Administration and in the following ways:

1) Circuit PagoPA (Credit card / Bank transfer / Other payment systems / Tobacconists / Large retailers): by connecting to the Municipality's website at the address "", first clicking on "Online Services", then "Scholastic Services", entering your personal codes (Username and Password) and starting from your personal page of the Parents Web module, you can directly access the nursery / canteen / services account of your children and make the desired top-ups with the main electronic payment systems: credit card (of the Visa, Mastercard circuits), bank transfer, or other payment systems (Satispay, PayPal, etc ...), through the national payment platform PagoPA managed by Agid, the Agency for digital Italy. It is also possible to generate the codes or payment notices necessary for payment at bank branches, post offices, large-scale distribution and authorized tobacconists connected to the PagoPA circuit (the commission on the operation varies according to the payment service used).

2) at the BPER branches - Cassa di Risparmio di Bra (Headquarters Via Principe di Piemonte 12 - Agency 2 Via De Gasperi, 2 - Agency 3 Via Venosta 5 / A Bandito) with cash payment, communicating the PAN code assigned to your child (no commission charge).

3) At the following merchants:

  • Shopkeeper 1 - “The Grimaldi Cesare Cartolibreria” - Bra, Via Vittorio Emanuele 55
  • Shopkeeper 2 - “Cartolibreria Casabella” - Bra, Piazza Roma 8
  • Shop 3 - “Cartoleria Grosso” - Bra Via Vittorio Emanuele 161
  • Shopkeeper 4 - “Bar Tabaccheria 19 Fermata” - Bra, V.le Industria, 48
  • Shopkeeper 5 - “Bakery Gazzera” (Bandit) - Bra, Via Visconti Venosta 69

To top up, both in cash and with bank cards, you need to:

  • communicate to the operator the PAN code assigned to his / her child;
  • or hand over the child's National Health Card to the operator.

Once the top-up has been made, the amount paid is credited to the student, allowing him to use the services until the amount paid is exhausted. The POS issues a receipt showing the payment made. At the end of the operation, it is recommended to check that the PAN code entered, the amount paid and any residual balance are correct, carefully keeping the receipt which constitutes proof of payment for the parent.

4) With debit card (eg Bancomat) at ATMs (ATM), authorized for payment services, by the Intesa San Paolo banking group throughout the country.

To top-up the student's ATM personal code must be entered (viewable on the website and to be used specifically for the service for which the credit is to be recharged) following the instructions that appear on the terminal video (top-up commission deducted directly from amount paid).

5) With credit card (Visa and Mastercard circuits): as in case 1, by connecting to the Municipality website at "", first clicking on "Online services", then "Scholastic Services", entering the your personal codes (Username and Password) and starting from your personal page of the Parents Web module (top-up commission deducted directly from the amount paid).


Straight payment by debit on current account

It is also possible to pay the fees by debiting a bank account by contacting the Economato office via email ( or by appointment by calling 0172 438230 - 0172 438276, for signing the mandate. SEPA.



The app is available "SpazioScuola" which allows you to view the personal data and the Virtual Account (charges and top-ups) of users of school services directly from smartphones or tablets.

The App SpaceSchool it can be downloaded for free from “Play Store” (Android) or “App Store” (iOS), by searching for “Spazioscuola” and once downloaded it will be installed on the tablet or smartphone device. 

It is activated through the following code: 5972561201.

It is possible to access the App using the same credentials you already have, used to access the Parents Web Portal available on the website

If you do not yet have the credentials, you need to register and create your user account (username and password): just click on the "Register" link and fill in the proposed fields. The parent authorized to view the data of their children is the one currently resulting in the database of the Municipality of Bra.

It will also be possible through the App to recharge through the PagoPA circuit by entering the "payments" section and following the guided procedure.


Other useful information

There is also an automatic SMS sending service for "low credit notice" upon request to the Treasury Office via email, providing your telephone number.

Do you respect privacy?

The data recorded at the start of the service will be available only by the Municipality and the Cooking Center in Via Montegrappa, in full compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, n. 196 "Code regarding the protection of personal data". The data provided will be processed by the Municipality of Bra exclusively for the pursuit of the institution's institutional purposes. The data controller is the Municipality of Bra, based in piazza Caduti per la libertà, 14. To view the information on the processing of personal data in extended format, please refer to the institutional website of the Municipality of Bra, on the page " Privacy and Cookies "(direct link:


It is also possible to pay the fees by debiting a bank account by contacting the Economato office via email ( or by appointment by calling the numbers 0172 438230 - 0172 438276, to sign the SEPA certificate.