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There is time until 10 June 2020 to present the "school voucher" for the 2020-2021 school year. This is a ticket that citizens can use for expenses and purchases related to the right to education, which now also includes the state contribution for study books. There are two types of contribution that can be requested: the voucher to be used for the payment of enrollment and attendance fees at the private schools and the one for textbooks, teaching material, technological equipment, supplementary activities provided for in the training offer plans and transport.

Students enrolled for the 2020/2021 school year in primary, first or second level state or equal schools, as well as accredited agencies for compulsory education, who have not already obtained a secondary school qualification, can apply. who have not completed the twenty-second year of age and whose families present a valid indicator of the equivalent economic situation not exceeding 26.000 euros. In this regard, it is possible for users to request the ISEE 2020 pre-filled online on the INPS website, therefore without turning to specialized subjects. Furthermore, the ISEE value must not be indicated by the applicant, as the Piedmont Region will acquire valid certificates directly from the INPS database.

Applications can be submitted exclusively online in the manner indicated on the Region website. To do this, it is necessary to have the SPID credentials or the Piemonte System credentials already used for previous calls if still valid.

For help in completing the application, citizens of Braida can contact the Caritas listening center in Via Vittorio Emanuele II 105. It will be necessary to make an appointment by calling 333-5395578 ​​from Monday to Friday from 8,30 to 12,30.

For more information, you can contact the freephone number of the Piedmont Region 800-333-444. For general questions you can write to (Rb)


Info: City of Bra - School Office

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