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“An important and decisive step towards defining the design of the healthcare system of our territory in the near future”. This is how the mayor of Bra Gianni Fogliato defined the outcome of the meeting of the committee of mayors of the Asl Cn2 which took place yesterday, Monday 4 May 2020, at the Alba headquarters of the local health company, in the presence of the Asl management the regional councilor for health Luigi Genesio Icardi and a representative of the Nuovo Ospedale Foundation.


During the meeting, the general manager of ASL Cn2 illustrated the timeline of the preparations and works in view of the next transfer to the single hospital of Verduno, which confirms a possible move of all activities starting from the first half May 2020, to be completed, according to the plan presented yesterday, by mid-July.

As per the schedule and as already anticipated to the administrators of Bra by the general manager Veglio last week during a dedicated group leader conference, the first transfers will concern the Internal Medicine department and the hospital activities of the "Holy Spirit". The move will then be completed with the Albesi departments, including the Emergency Department.

“Starting from Bra means proceeding immediately with the planning and activation of the Casa della Salute, for the maintenance and development of territorial and outpatient services in the city - explains the mayor Gianni Fogliato -. The municipal administration has always been the interpreter of the need to promote the activation of a single territorial hospital as a center of excellence for local health, but reaffirming the firm will to maintain a strong city center, able to give answers to a significant number of the health needs of our territory. What was formally communicated yesterday is part of a path that we share and that, as the Administration, we will continue to follow step by step, to ensure the best possible future for the health of our territory. All this, also in relation to the traffic junction, for a punctual connection both from the point of view of public transport and roads: we reiterated to the Piedmont Region the request - already advanced months ago - for the activation of a bus connection every half hour in departure and arrival from Bra and we are waiting for certain answers also regarding the SP7. It is essential that access to the hospital is guaranteed, safe and easy: as the Administration, we are willing to help finance the construction of the Viale Nogaris link road, for a quick connection to the Pollenzo bridge ”.

In particular, in the document presented yesterday explicit reference is made to the "maintenance in Bra of the laboratory and sampling center, of oncological screening, basic radiology, consultants, district management, district services and social services, in addition to the activation of GP's, PLS and any other specialist clinics ". The Hospice and the continuity of assistance (medical guard) remain in Bra, which will also guarantee night coverage, with the possibility of further development of the territorial headquarters. (em)


Info: City of Bra - Secretary of the Mayor