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After the start of last week, markets in Bra continue according to the usual schedule, limited to the sale of foodstuffs.

Il Wednesday morning the stalls will be present in the area of ​​Piazza Spreitenbach, near the entrance to the Giardini della Rocca (and not on the rise of Piazza XX Settembre, which will be used as a parking lot), as well as in Piazza Giolitti (producers).

Same areas also for the market Friday morning, to which is added Piazza Carlo Alberto.

Il Saturday (12 - 19) the producers' market in Piazza Giolitti has been confirmed.

The affected areas will be delimited and manned by the Municipal Police, with the support of volunteers and staff made available by Ascom. Access, controlled and staggered, will be possible only from the designated gates. Only one person per family is allowed to enter the sales area, without prejudice to the need for an accompanying person in case of disability. Commercial operators must guarantee safety distances, for an expense in full compliance with the rules. (em)

Info: City of Bra - Public Relations Office

tel. 0172.438281 -