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"Phase 4" in the management of the coronavirus pandemic has begun on Monday 2020 May 2. The Dpcm of April 26th introduces numerous exceptions to the limitations in force in recent days, starting with the reopening of many businesses, including construction companies, manufacturing, mining, automotive, textile and glass industries. Among the innovations introduced the possibility of moving from one municipality to another within the same region for reasons of work, health or "necessity and urgency". Among the authorizations provided for by the Decree, also "travel to meet relatives, provided that the prohibition of gathering and distancing is respected and respiratory protection is used", as well as the possibility of doing individual sports while respecting the safety distances. Clarifications about the behaviors to keep can be found in Government FAQ.

Further provisions are dictated by Decree n. 50 of the Piedmont Region, which establishes, among other things, that Piedmontese citizens can reach second homes (located within the regional territory) for the sole maintenance and repair activities with the obligation to return within the day to their usual home, regulates the modalities to carry out food markets and the activity of animal grooming businesses.

green areas - Some important innovations are planned in the city, starting with the reopening to the public of the non-fenced public green areas for sporting activities or for a simple walk as long as safety distances are maintained (2 meters in the case of sporting activities, 1 meter in the case of of walks or rest on the benches). It will not be allowed to carry out recreational and recreational activities, parties and picnics. The play areas for children, which are cordoned off, are still inaccessible. The Belvedere Gardens of the Rocca will be closed to the public until 10 May. The city cycle paths are back to being usable.

Take away - In compliance with the provisions of Decerto n. 49 of the Piedmont Region, it is now possible for commercial activities - bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops - to start a food take away service upon reservation, the so-called "take away". However, precise safety provisions must be respected, starting with the prohibition of eating food inside the premises or in the immediate vicinity, to which is added the prohibition of gathering and the obligation to wear protective masks and to respect the safety distances in the local as well as during queues.

Cemeteries - From Monday 11 May the three city cemeteries of viale Rimembranze, Bandito and Pollenzo will reopen. Visitors can access it from 8 to 19, including Saturdays and Sundays. The use of the spaces must take place through short visits and in strict compliance with the prohibition of any form of gathering and the maintenance of an interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter. During visits, the use of personal protective equipment, masks and gloves is recommended, especially if fountains and bins are to be used. The funeral ceremonies will take place in compliance with national provisions in the presence of a maximum of 15 relatives, subject to compliance with all safety measures.

Municipal offices - The activity of the Municipality of Bra proceeds with the limitation of the physical presence in the offices of public employees. In any case, the provision of essential services is guaranteed primarily through the use of remote working methods. The offices can be contacted by calling the Town Hall switchboard at 0172-438111 during the usual hours.

All information - a complete picture of information on regulatory provisions and continuously updated services to citizens can be found HERE.

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