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Reserved for children's literature books

The Municipal Administration on the occasion of the 21st edition of the BOYS BOOK FAIR scheduled in Bra from 18 to 24 May 2020, announces the 21st edition of the


In order to promote quality production in children's literature, which stimulates the taste for reading in childhood and transmits human, social and cultural values ​​fundamental for the psychological development of the child.

The competition is open to anyone over 18 who can participate in the following category:
G. G. Arpino literary prize for children's book authors divided into two sections
▪ books for children aged 6 to 11
▪ books for children aged 12 to 15

The works can be presented directly by the author or through the publishing house that published them. Each author can participate with only one work. The books must be sent by March 27, 2020 to the organizing committee of the award at the Culture office of the Municipality of Bra - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 20 - 12042 Bra (CN). Participants must attach n. 10 copies of the works presented.

All the works will be examined by readers with proven experience to identify the noteworthy works, which will then be examined by the Competition Secretariat which will choose the five finalist texts, which will be decreed by 10 April 2020. The names of the finalists will be published on the official website of the Municipality of Bra,

The five finalists will be judged by juries composed exclusively of children belonging to the last two classes of elementary school and to the three classes of lower middle school. These juries will formulate the final rankings.
The decisions of the juries will be unappealable and the prizes may also not be awarded, in the event that none of the works presented are worthy of such awards.

Literary Prize G. Arpino for authors of books for children divided into two sections
• books for children aged 6 to 11 - 1st prize € 500,00 - 2nd prize € 250,00
• books for children aged 12 to 15 - 1st prize € 500,00 - 2nd prize € 250,00

The announcement of the winners will take place in Bra on the occasion of the inauguration of the Children's Book Fair, Monday 18 May 2020. The prize will be awarded on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at the Council Room of the Municipality of Bra by the boys of the Municipal Council for Children only to presence of the author or a representative of the publishing house of the winning book. At the conclusion of the Prize, the works presented will be destined for the Municipal Library and the libraries of the local schools. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the following announcement.

The winning books will be widely publicized through newspapers, radio, television. Books already winners of previous editions of the Prize will be excluded.

For more detailed information: Culture, Tourism and Events Office - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 20 - 12042 Bra, tel. 0172.430185 ra fax. 0172.418601 Info email:

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