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The City of Bra and the French City of Saint Pons (Region of Ubaye) made a friendship pact in 2015.

In the City Council resolution that establishes the link between the two realities, we read that "the City of Bra and the City of Saint-Pons boast of having given birth to the members of an important family, that of the Cottolengo. The Cottolengo, in fact , were of Provencal origins, as grandfather Giuseppe had moved to Bra from Saint-Pons; on May 3, 1786 the first of twelve grandchildren, Giuseppe Benedetto, was born in Bra, later proclaimed Saint by Pope Pius XI in 1934. The city of Bra and the city of Saint-Pons have the common will to perpetuate the memory of the extraordinary figure of San Giuseppe Benedetto Cottolengo, through the enhancement of Casa Cottolengo in Bra and the parish church of Saint-Pons, recently restored, at in order to create a tourist-devotional path that unites the two cities.

Since the first official visit, in 1993, the City of Bra and the City of Saint-Pons have understood the importance of establishing a relational network, in an attempt to bring the two together
community; in 2005 this will was strengthened, especially following the first encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI, Deus caritas est, of 25 December 2005, which cites San Benedetto Cottolengo among the "distinguished models of social charity for all men of good will"; since then, the meetings between the two communities have taken place on a more regular basis: thanks to the Braidese associations, in 2012 a painting depicting the Saint was donated to the City of Saint-Pons, while in 2015 it was donated to the Municipality French, by the Rotary Club of Bra, of the representation of the family tree of the Cottolengo family, testifying to the deep bond between the two communities. On this last occasion, the representatives of the Municipality of Bra on mandate from the Mayor and those of Saint Pons agreed to propose to the respective administrations the formal signing of a friendship agreement ".