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The Municipality of Bra is linked to the Chinese county of Yongchang, Gansu province, by a friendship agreement signed in 2015.

In the Council resolution that formalizes the link between the two realities (DCC n. 46 of 23.6.2015), we read that "The City of Bra and the County of Yongchang boast a common origin dating back to Roman classicism: in the Zhelai village of Yonchang have emerged the remains of an ancient Roman imperial legion dispersed in the conquest of the east; in the Pollenzo di Bra hamlet, near the square declared a Unesco heritage, the finds of the ancient settlement of Pollentia emerge, the scene of a famous battle between the legions imperial and barbarian militias. The City of Bra and the County of Yongchang also have a common environmental sensitivity: Bra gave birth to the Slow Food movement, is home to the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the first university dedicated to gastronomy, hosts "Cheese ", The world's largest dairy product review; the Chinese County of Yongchang boasts a flourishing and renowned cereal agriculture, integrating a strongly legal economy ata to the manufacturing sector, the result of its being located along the "silk road", and to mining activities (the first nickel production area in China and the second worldwide).