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The municipality of Bra and the Town of Badalucco, in the province of Imperia, are linked by a friendship agreement signed in the summer of 2013.

In the Council resolution (n. 161 of 11.06.2013) which formalized the will to sign the pact, we read that "the Municipality of Bra the Municipality of Badalucco consider environmental education and food education strategic, also in function of a rediscovery by new generations of traditional knowledge, flavors and skills; environmental education projects have been launched in the territories of the two Municipalities for several years, which have also involved school structures with educational activities also concerning the cultivation of plants and seedlings inside the school gardens.
The Slow Food Italia Association has undertaken a series of initiatives concerning the territories of the two Municipalities, not least the signing of memorandums of understanding between Slow Food Italia itself, the school institute including Taggia and the Municipality of Badalucco and the Museum Craveri di Bra whose purpose is the realization of the "Gardens in Conduct" project.
As a consequence of these activities, many relationships have developed and consolidated over time with individuals and associates operating in the Municipality of Bra and Badalucco, with which cultural and social affinities have emerged such as to make the bond of friendship more and more pregnant. and sharing multiple common principles and interests. "