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A group of one hundred cyclists from all over Italy - made up of citizens, amateurs, representatives of institutions, sportsmen and cycling glories - in September took part in the third edition of "La Storia by bike", a ride that united Bra, Milan and Matera . This morning, 2 December 2019, the group's delegation from Bra and the organizing committee (also from Bra) were received in the Municipality of Bra by the Mayor Gianni Fogliato, for a report on the company and to pay homage to the first citizen of the official jersey of the event and the Matera pennant, the final stage of the race.

"The intent of the event is to bring Italy together by pedaling, crossing its history and beauty" explained the municipal councilor Sergio Panero, who represented the municipal administration during the ride, thanking the Municipality for the support.

"The fil rouge of the 2019 edition, the year in which the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci's death is celebrated, was culture: we started from Milan, traveling the boot to get to the European Capital of Culture city - added Michelino Davico, creator of the initiative 'The History in Bike' -. A traveling community made up of over 100 people, which next year will set off on a journey that will link Cuneo to Naples, celebrating the history of Italian costume ”.

"Thank you for being here and for taking the name of Bra on tour around Italy, in an event that promotes history, culture and sport, but also values ​​such as environmental protection, the 'slow' philosophy and sustainability - commented the mayor Gianni Fogliato, underlining the positive impact of “creating union”, as the cyclists did across the regions of Italy.
Also present at the meeting was Lilt - a delegation from Bra, partner of the event and recipient of a contribution within the social aims of the event. (em)

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