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The municipal council on Thursday 28 November in Bra opened with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the earthquake in Albania and the firefighters who died in the explosion of a farmhouse in Quargnento. At the proposal of the councilor Marco Ellena, favorably received by the whole assembly, the councilors from Bra have decided to donate the attendance fee of the session to the families of the firefighters who were victims of the stake in Alessandria.

Three motions

Accepting the invitation from the Municipality of Alba, the Municipal Council unanimously approved a motion in defense of the "White Truffle of Alba" brand as part of the work relating to the drafting of the new framework law on the precious tuber, intended to adapt to today's reality is the one in force since 1985. Defense of an excellence (often collected also in the Braid area, the councilors recalled) that goes in the direction of a territorial synergy, "hoping for the same reciprocity in matters that will affect our city".

Unanimity also for the motion concerning the fair distribution of the funds assigned to our province, especially as regards the right to study and road safety, proposed on the initiative of the Province itself. As part of the discussion, the Lega, Coraggio Si Cambia and Bra Domani groups hoped that the Province could once again be an expression of the voters and the Together for Panero group that the concept of virtuosity could be evaluated as a reward. The Mayor Gianni Fogliato, communicating that he had brought the requests of the territory to the President of the Province, stressed the need to review, in addition to the allocation criteria, also the amount of the funds themselves, according to the tasks of the Bodies.

The motion in support of the Parliamentary Commission on intolerance and racism and awareness-raising initiatives against xenophobia and hatred was then approved with 12 votes in favor (by the majority and by the director Davide Tripodi, Bra Domani group) and 5 abstentions. . While there was unanimous solidarity with Senator Liliana Segre (promoter of the Commission) for the attacks received and the sharing of the values ​​of tolerance and respect as opposed to discrimination, there were different positions regarding the text, proposed by the ANCI. The majority is oriented towards the adoption of the document as presented by the National Association representing the Italian Municipalities, defined by Bailo "above the parties, rigorous and calm, regarding issues that cannot be ignored, especially in a Country with our history ". On the other hand, two proposals for amendments (not accepted) advanced by the Lega and Coraggio si Cambia groups, in the direction of the positions that emerged among the ranks of the minority even during the discussion. In particular, Annalisa Genta (Courage changes) expressed the fear that the Parliamentary Commission could be exploited politically, Luca Cravero (Lega) the belief that all the threats that carry intolerance and hatred must be considered and Sergio Panero (Together for Panero) and Davide Tripodi (Bra Domani) the need not to limit the freedom of expression of the Braidese Council. Tripodi, the only one not abstaining in the minority on the final text, despite having also voted in favor of the amendments, reminded the assembly not to fall into the exploitation of national politics.

Changes to the budget, expansion of production activities and interrogations

Two changes to the forecast budget were approved with the minority voting against. The first includes, among the items, incoming contributions for over 51 thousand euros for various situations and about 30 thousand euros for territorial social policies, higher income from the nursery service for 17 thousand euros and the profit distributed by STR for about 15 thousand euros. Outgoing, higher expenses of 25 thousand euros for the purchase of foodstuffs and for the service of canteen operators (14 thousand euros), pending the competition procedures for hiring two new cooks. The second variation highlights the recovery of taxes from previous years (especially Imu and Tasi) for over 122 thousand euros, the shift at the end of the school year of the energy requalification intervention of the elementary school of Bandito for a total of 325 thousand euros and various incoming contributions for approximately 44 thousand euros; various reimbursements of 77 thousand euros, higher premiums for tax collection of around 46 thousand euros, the contribution for the sausage festival and for Christmas events of 20 thousand euros and higher costs for public lighting for 15.500 euros are reported.

Unanimously approved the changes to the regulation for the management of the Municipal Meeting Center on the initiative of the Steering Committee of the reality in via Guala, mainly relating to the opening to participation of all people who meet the age requirement, regardless of residence, and uniformity of the membership fee. Full sharing - also considering the consequent development of new jobs - for the expansion of a productive activity in Pollenzo, with completion of the primary urbanization works, by means of an agreed building permit. The company concerned, the company "Immobiliare Monchiero SNC di Mauro Monchiero & C." has undertaken to create the stretch of public road network placed in the frieze of via Crociera Burdina, the public parking lots, the green belt for mitigation, as well as all the underground infrastructures necessary for the settlement and for the continuation in the adjacent lots.

During the session, the questions presented by the minority groups were discussed, relating in particular to the presence of an environmental survey about the composition of the land of the site identified by the municipal administration for the construction of the new school complex in via Trento and Trieste and to the reorganization of the market areas in the city (Coraggio si Cambia group), the contributions of the Municipality for the renovation of the AtC housing, the new equipment of bags for waste collection and the extraordinary experimental distributions in some hamlets and districts of Bra, at the Imu value and annual IMU collection of the land of the former railway freight yard site, the energy requalification works of the Bandito elementary school, the interventions in the Crosassa and Cà del Bosco streets and the parking in via Gabotto (Together for Panero group), the measures to combat ungulates on the municipal area and changes to the roads related to the construction site at the intersection I between via Vittorio Veneto via Fratelli Carando (Lega group), to the parking lot of the Bandito railway station, to the conditions of the sewer system in the city, to the project for burying the tracks and the consequent suppression of the level crossing in Piazza Roma and evaluations relating to the redevelopment of the primary school of Bandito (Bra Domani group).

The entire session and the detailed discussion relating to the various items on the agenda is available in video, on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra (direct link: (Em)

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