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Legislative Decree 105/2015 “Implementation of Directive 2013/18 / EU relating to the control of the danger of major accidents connected with dangerous substances” assigns to the Mayor and the Municipality functions concerning information to the public and related access.

The information on companies at risk operating in the municipal area subject to notification (the Bragas company and the Arpa Industriale company) is made available to the public, which in turn sent their notification and information reports on the risks of major accident for citizens and workers

The information provided by the plant managers in sections A1, D, F, H and L of the cards delivered and regarding general information, the state of controls, the environment and the territory surrounding the plant, descriptions are made available to the public. of the dangerous substances involved and the foreseeable accident scenarios.

Attached is a summary taken (and simplified) from the reports delivered to the competent authorities.

Download this file (Accident in industries at risk of major accident protective measures and information of the population.pdf)Information and protective measures[Legislative Decree 105/2015 Accident in industries at risk of major accident: protective measures and information for the population]38 kB
Download this file (Report_2019.pdf)Report_2019.pdf[Summary report]52 kB