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On Friday 27 September 2019, in the rooms of the Civic Museum of History, Art and Archeology in Bra, the video resulting from their summer activities was presented to the students participating in the workshop "A cardboard at the Museum". This is the animated film entitled "The vampire's debut". The story tells the beginnings of cinema through the vicissitudes of a little vampire who escaped from the shadow theater.


The short, made in collaboration with the association "The yellow box", which has been running the workshop organized by the Museum of Palazzo Traversa di Bra for several years, is the result of the work of a group of young people during a timed summer week full, during which the theme chosen from time to time is deepened and then reworked through the language of the animated film.

The video, made with the stop motion technique, is available on the Youtube channel of the Municipality of Bra. (rb)

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