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The first citizen Gianni Fogliato turned to the Italian Railway Network (RFI), manager of the railway structures, to request a definitive resolution of the various problems that have plagued the Bra station for some time. The anomalous situations, already reported several times by the municipal administration but never resolved, concern different aspects: from the access time to the toilets, absolutely inadequate compared to the train service hours, to the opening times of the ticket office, considered too limited compared to the needs of travelers, the lack of maintenance along the track space.

The Mayor also pointed out that the faulty and out of service elevator prevents and makes it difficult for disabled people and mothers with wheelchairs to access platforms 2-3-4. Another delicate issue is that of security: on this front, the suspension of the security service, which is currently absent, the failure to close the entrance gates at the station at night and the total lack of cameras in the area, which complain allows you to check the places of the station most subject to vandalism.

In light of these disruptions, which have been the subject of numerous complaints received in the Municipality, the Mayor asked for an urgent meeting with the RFI managers to develop the necessary countermeasures to put an end to the reported malfunctions.

"It will be necessary to act quickly", underlines Gianni Fogliato, "given the huge number of people who will reach Bra by train during the September events, starting with Cheese. the railway station represents the first visiting card of the city, which risks compromising the success of the important restyling works recently carried out and highly appreciated by the citizens ". (Rb)

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