Another appointment with photography at Palazzo Mathis in Bra. Saturday 6 July 2019 inaugurates the personal exhibition of Julio Berisso. Italo Argentino, class 1951, graduated as a film director in Buenos Aires, from a very young age Berisso began to photograph street life by observing its daily flow. The gesture of a person, a peculiarity offered by nature are captured by the photographer's eye with a "click", as he states: "Without judging, without moralizing, to tell those 'moments' in my own way". And, quoting Elliott Erwith, he adds: "You can find images everywhere if you pay attention to your surroundings and feel interest in human comedy". As a photographer, Berisso has collaborated with various realities both public and private and has exhibited his works in Italy, Argentina, Germany, Holland, Israel, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Austria. Several awards received and qualifications in international competitions also with "Braid" shots.

The staff at Palazzo Mathis is titled "Street Tales" and will be inaugurated on Saturday 6 July at 18. The set-up can be visited free of charge until 28 July, Thursday and Friday from 9 to 12,30 and from 15 to 18, Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 12,30. More information on, via email to the 0172 430185. (it's at)

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