After excellent feedback from the first weeks of the start of the new collection methods, which began last February, the positive trend of data on waste production and differentiation continues in Bra. At the end of the first four months of activation of the collection of undifferentiated waste in the "compliant bag", the citizens of Bergamo are certainly promoted given that the amount of differentiated waste has exceeded 90 per cent.

Given that it takes into account the numbers coming from the two ecocenters citizens of Corso Monviso and Pollenzo. Compared to the positive results of last year (already over 70%), separate waste collection has grown by around 20 percentage points.

From the data from the Coabser basin consortium, as regards the individual collections, the leap forward in the quantities of plastic materials, sketched by the 62 tons disposed of in January at 98 in May, is noteworthy, just as the collection of staff has registered a significant increase from 156 tons of the first month of the 2019 to 211 weighed in May. On the other hand, the data relating to the production of paper and glass remained essentially unchanged.
During these weeks, deliveries of green collection containers will be completed, almost doubling compared to the previous contract.

The figure relating to the reduction in the quantities of unsorted waste, which fell by more than 60%, from the 366 tons in January to the 149 in May 2019 was positive (in May 2018, the collection of unsorted waste had reached 460.230 kilograms), allowing Bra to achieve levels of excellence for per capita production: 68 Kg / inhabitant / year in the first four months and only 60 Kg / inhabitant / year in May 2019 (in 2018 the per capita production was 176 Kg / inhabitant / year)
The 4 of February with the “compliant bag” has been reached and exceeded for the moment the target set with the game collection mode. Monitoring of collection data will continue constantly over the coming months, with a view to ensuring the achievement of the annual targets set by the Piedmont Region, by Co.ABSe.R. and from the Municipality of Bra.

For all information on waste collection activities in Bra, the municipal Ecosportello of Piazza Caduti per la Libertà is available, managed by the STR - Waste treatment company srl, reachable by telephone at the number 0172.201054 or by post at the address, in the opening hours from Monday to Saturday from 8: 30 to 12: 30 and on Tuesday afternoons (13: 30 - 17) and Thursday (15 - 18: 30).