Starting from 17 June 2019 Monday the Bra Energia company will begin the work of laying the district heating network in Piazza Carlo Alberto, in the section between via San Rocco and via Umberto (on the Politeama Boglione theater side). The works, whose term is scheduled for the first week of July, except for particular meteorological or unexpected conditions, during the first two weeks will involve the stretch between via Umberto and via San Rocco, while in the last week the connection with the user to be connected in via San Rocco.

The stretch of road covered by the works will remain closed to vehicular traffic; particular requirements of road conditions for residents can be evaluated with the executing company in reference also to the progress of the works. For the entire duration of the construction site, on Friday the market benches placed in the section subject to intervention will be relocated, while those positioned on the raised part of the square will not be moved, as they are not affected by excavation works. The works will be duly reported by the executing company.

Info: City of Bra - Public Works
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