From Friday 14 to Sunday 16 June the curtain rises on Bra for “Streetgames - Torneo 3 balls Bra 2019. #energiasportiva sotto la Zizzola "! It is the first official stop and also the first time ever in the Piedmontese city. A three-day sport first of all, but combined with fun and aggregation as the Streetgames philosophy wants and also that of the Tre Palloni association from Bra, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bra and with the contribution of the CRC Foundation.

The heart of the event will be Piazza Spreitenbach, where a real sports village will be set up with two basketball courts, two beach volleyball courts, a soccer field at 5 and a multisport area to make room for men's and women's 3x3 basketball tournaments , men's and women's 2x2 beachvolley tournaments, a mixed 3x3 beach volleyball tournament and an 5 soccer tournament. In these three days will be the protagonists of all the sports clubs of Bra that will be able to have a splendid showcase to make their activities known. For the refreshment will be set up a Food & Drink area open to all and where you can eat excellent food and spend evenings together. The Bra stage has an important peculiarity: the athletes can sleep in tents in the Atleti Azzurri D'Italia stadium, thus keeping alive what is now a tradition of the 3 balls tournament.

-> Friday 14. In Piazza Spreitenbach the "jobs" begin at the 19.30 with the senior men's tournament in the soccer field, basketball tournaments in field A and in field B Abet Basket; 2x2 tournaments for men and women in the beach volley fields A and B. Also from the 19.30 in the Stand Giannutri Sci club area. From 20 to 22.30 in the Multisport area space for dance with the school The Sun at midnight and from 22 to 24 with independent Tango.
At 21.30 special moment: inauguration parade with meeting place in Piazza Caduti della Libertà and arrival in Piazza Spreitenbach: associations and companies will be present and the participation of the city band will take place. At the 22 moment dedicated to the authorities.
-> Saturday 15. Appointment from the morning starting from the 10: up to the 18 Bra soccer in the football field, up to the 14 in the Abet minibasket basketball courts and in the beach courts the male and female 2x2 and even mixed tournament. Up to the 12 fist ball in the Multisport area while in the Giannutri Sci club stand area, finally up to the 13 space at the Athletics Avis bra in the Montenero street. In the afternoon: from the 14 continue the basketball and beach tournaments and the Ski club in the stand area; in the Multisport area there are three sporting realities: from 15 to 18 Asd Judo Bra, from 18 to 19 Asd Aterix and from 20 to 22 Tennis club match ball Bra. From the 19.30 senior men's tournaments on the soccer field.

And in the evening? FLUO PARTY from 22.30 to 1.30 to Movicentro and not to Zizzola to pursue the ideal of safe entertainment: the area is within walking distance and is covered to be ready for any kind of weather forecast.

-> Sunday 16. We always start in the morning: from 10 to 14 the basketball and beach tournaments continue, while the soccer tournaments go to 18; in Multisport area from 10 to 11.30 Tennis club match ball Bra, from 11 to 13 Asd Tango independent on Linoelum, from 11.30 to 13 fist ball. The Stand area is always dedicated to the Ski club up to the 12 and then to the 14. In the afternoon we enter the final stages with basketball and beach from 14, while soccer from 19. In the Multisrpot area instead from 15 to 18 Kubo dance concept, from 16.30 to 18 New Twirling Bra and from 18 to 20 Ass. Up. ASD. Following the awards.

The President Streetgames Michele Belletti: “We are really there, after the presentations of the various stages it is time to really start Streetgames. We waited so long for this moment, it is an important and even intense commitment, but each time it gratifies us thanks to the participation of people. In Bra we worked with someone like Andrea Lazzari who is first and foremost a friend and that made it all the more enjoyable. It is a first time, a bet, but we are confident that it will be as beautiful and fun as it is every time Streetgames invades streets and squares ”.