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The 9 June 2019 runoff results



-> The proclamation of the elected



-> I admitted candidates in the runoff round of the 9 June 2019 are Gianni Fogliato (valid ratings 7395) e Annalisa Genta (valid 5053 votes).

-> The manifesto 


The electoral office is open on the Friday and Saturday before the vote from 9 to 18 and on the Sunday of the vote from 7 to 23, available to voters for the renewal of the electoral card, for those who have run out of space, for collection by those who have not yet received it, for the issue of the duplicate to those who have lost it, for any clarification concerning the consultation.


---> The hours of the electoral office on the weekend of the ballot

---> Location of the polling stations

Voters who have reached the age of majority on the date of 26 May 2019, first round of administrative elections (regardless of whether or not they have participated in this vote) can participate in the vote, while voters who have acquired this right in the days subsequent. 

List representatives: for the ballot, the representatives of the lists of candidates at the section electoral offices already designated at the first round of voting must be considered confirmed also for the ballot round. However, the delegates of the lists linked to the first or second round with candidates admitted to the ballot have the right to designate new representatives at the section electoral offices in place of those appointed at the same time for the first round of voting. The same delegates can appoint list representatives even if they have not done so during the first round. The nominations can be made by Friday 7 June to the secretary of the municipality or directly at the electoral offices of the section in the afternoon of Saturday 8 June or in the early morning of Sunday 9 provided that before the start of the voting operations. More details in the communication Let us know if you have any suggestions


-> The convening of the Central Office for the proclamation of the elected (10 June 2019 - 15 hours - junta room)

-> The report of the Central Electoral Office concerning the candidates admitted to the ballot

-> The declaration form of the list delegates for the connection with the candidate for mayor admitted to the ballot


-> For candidates admitted to the ballot, i list links for the election of the council declared in the first round. However, the candidates admitted to the ballot have the right, within seven days of the first vote, to declare the connection with further lists than those with which the connection was made in the first round. All the statements of connection are effective only if they converge with similar statements made by the delegates of the lists concerned (here the model). To allow these obligations (art. 72, paragraph 7, legislative decree n. 267 "Consolidated law on the regulation of Local Authorities"), theGeneral Secretariat Office of the Municipality (entrance from Piazza Caduti per la Libertà 14, first floor) will be open, in addition to normal office hours, also on the following days:

Friday 31 May from 15pm to 17pm

Saturday 1 June from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 17

Sunday 2 June from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 17



Useful references:

- Transparent Election Portal

- Results of municipal elections 26 May 2019

- 26 Regional Election Results May 2019

- Results of European Elections 26 May 2019

- 26 Election Documentation May 2019