In short Bra will have two inclusive playgrounds, for the enjoyment of all children, without exception. This week was inaugurated the area created within the “Azzurri d'Italia” park in Viale Madonna Fiori by the social cooperative Lunetica onlus, by the association and by the neighborhood committee Madonna Fiori, with the technical collaboration of the Municipality of Bra. An area that the promoters have donated to the City, set up with games that can be used by a wide range of users with different abilities, without particular adaptations or "barriers" that block access to activities for disabled children, with anti trauma flooring , benches and an area of ​​environmental awareness.

At the same time, work continues on the inclusive and sensorial playground of the Piazza Roma gardens, created thanks to the support of the "Baratti & Milano" company. The project involves the redevelopment of the garden area on the Via Audisio side with games, seats and street furniture, and the bus stop shelter, which will also be enriched with pastimes and stimuli, to make the stay pleasant. Waiting for the supply of the games, the technical interventions functional to the completion of the park have already been carried out, including the laying of the cement slab in view of the installation of the antitrauma floor, the painting of the shelter "for children", the provision for games, modification of the irrigation system and implementation of the new lighting.

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