In consideration of the cold temperatures that have occurred in these days, it should be remembered that the national legislation (Decree of the President of the Republic 74 of the 16 April 2013) provides that the period allowed for the ignition of the thermal plants on the municipal territory is between the 15 October and the 15 April, for a maximum of 14 hours per day. However, always the same decree establishes that, outside of these periods, the heating systems can be activated in the presence of climatic situations that justify the exercise and, in any case, for a daily duration not exceeding 7 hours.

Utilities that need it can therefore activate the heating systems without incurring penalties, remembering that the temperature of the air in the heated rooms must not exceed 18 ° C for buildings used for industrial, craft and similar activities and 20 ° C, with tolerance 2 ° C, for all other buildings, including residential ones. For more information, contact the Environment Office of the Municipality of Bra at 0172.438297; mail:

Info: City of Bra - Office Environment

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