The twentieth edition of the Bra children's book fair, held from Monday 13 to Sunday 19 May 2019, was successfully concluded at the Polifunzionale “Arpino” in Bra. Between the library and the auditorium dedicated to the journalist and writer from Bra, a real "citadel of the book" was born which welcomed thousands of visitors with many schools (around 3000 students in all) who participated in the educational workshops and creatives scheduled in different locations and in the "gazebos" set up off the Resistance. With some events planned outdoors in the beautiful setting of the Politeama theater, even on rainy days of the weekend, many children and adults were able to participate in the proposed activities. On Wednesday 15 May 2019, in the Adult Room of the civic library, the award ceremony of the children's literature contest dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Arpino was held. On the basis of the five finalists for the two categories, 6-11 years and 12-15 years, a jury of baby readers has selected the winners who are, respectively, in the first and second place, Michelle Cuevas with "The fantastic journey of Stella" and Nicoletta Gramantieri with "The most famous writer in the world" and Mark Lovery author of "The ocean when you are not there" with Andrea Franzoso author of "#Disobbediente".

On Saturday, on the other hand, the participated second edition of the reading competition was held aloud for the awarding of the "Caterina Brero Arpino Award" entitled this year to the widow of the writer who disappeared in the 2018. Ben 36 children have participated: among them they have established themselves in the order: Agnese Bessone, Sophia Carlotta, Riccardo Torchio (first and second grade section), Safiria Basso, Rania Bouhafs, Tommaso Marengo (third-fourth-fifth grade); Alessandro D'Apice, Christian Blasi, Matilde Corrado (medium). (it's at)