Three monumental trees have been registered in the territory of Brava and included in the regional list of Piedmont. In addition to the Zelkova carpinifolia (elm of the Caucasus of more than 7 meters in circumference) and the Ippocastano of the former elementary schools of Via Mendicità Istruita, for some time also the Tamerice of the garden of the civic museum "Craveri" has been registered - following verification of the parameters required by the Evaluation Committee - among the green giants to be protected.

The Tamerice, a Mediterranean-Atlantic species common on the coasts and in sandy soils, usually does not reach large dimensions. It blooms between June and August and contains a fair amount of tannin, so much so as to have been used in the past for tanning leather.

It is estimated that the Tamerice of the "Craveri" garden dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, perhaps planted by the founders of the Museum. The Braidese specimen reaches a circumference of 298 cm and has been included in the list of monumental trees of Piedmont in terms of age, size and ecological value. (Em)

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