Also this year the incentives that the Municipality of Bra allocates to the reclamation, removal and disposal of asbestos present on buildings and buildings for civil, production, commercial, tertiary and agricultural use included in the municipal area are confirmed. The announcement, open to all citizens of the province of Brauna, during the 2018 has made it possible to remove almost 12 thousand kilograms of material containing asbestos, for a total of over 420 thousand tons of hazardous materials cleared by the institution of the municipal contribution, in 2011.

The amount of the incentive - up to a maximum of one thousand three hundred euros - is graduated on the basis of the various types of intervention and will be disbursed until funds are available on the balance sheet. The disposal and removal of the materials must take place in accordance with the relevant legislation and the work must be carried out at the date of presentation of the applications for allocation of the contribution.

Applications may be submitted up to 31 December 2019, using the form published in the "Services and Procedures / Environment" section of the website, where the announcement and useful information for those interested are also present . More information by contacting the Municipal Environment office at the 0172.438294 number or by writing to the address (Em)

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