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Since 1 January 2016, the chemical substance called formaldehyde has been classified by the European Union in category 1B, with indication of danger H 350, or potentially carcinogenic. Formaldehyde is found at room temperature in gaseous form and is a fundamental ingredient used in the production sector of plastic laminate, where it is used in aqueous solution and forms the basis of melamine resins (formaldehyde and melamine) and phenolic ones (phenol and formaldehyde) .

In light of the change in classification, in 2016 the Municipality of Bra asked the Provincial Department of Arpa Piemonte for an in-depth analysis on the concentrations of the substance in the city environment. From the results of this monitoring, carried out by the ARPA between May 2016 and December 2018, "no abnormal levels of formaldehyde emerge" in the Braid area. "The concentrations measured in the various sites of Bra - the analysis of the Regional Environmental Protection Agency still reads - are comparable with the reference values ​​obtained in Piedmont in the years 2014-2017".

The result of the monitoring is published on the Arpa Piemonte portal and on the website of the Municipality of Bra, in the section "Services and procedures / Environment and Hygiene / Air quality". (em)

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