"Green" news for the fleet of the Municipality of Bra, which since yesterday has been enriched by its first car totally powered by electricity. It is a Nissan Leaf 40 kwh, a zero-emission vehicle with 300 km of autonomy, which will be used for functional journeys to various more sustainable, less polluting and cheaper municipal services.

The vehicle, funded by the CRC Foundation as part of the "Cuneo Provincia Smart - Sustainable electric mobility" tender, was officially delivered yesterday in Cuneo, as part of a ceremony attended by the President of the Province and mayor of the capital Federico Borgna , the president of the CRC Foundation Giandomenico Genta and the administrators of the Municipalities of the Granda who participated in the project.

Also as part of the "Sustainable electric mobility" tender, a charging station will be installed in Spreitenbach, equipped with plugs for electric or plug-in hybrids, scooters, bicycles and quadricycles, to which will be added two other charging stations promoted by Egea and Enel X, which will be located at Movicentro, in Piazza Caduti di Nassiriya, and in Pollenzo. (Em)

Info: Municipality of Bra - Sustainable Mobility Office