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Not only did they not collect waste according to the rules that came into force in recent months in Bra, but to prevent the condominium they live in from running into penalties, they abandoned several bags of completely unsorted waste every day in the courtyard of the building next door, near the place dedicated to the delivery of waste. The residents of the condominium where unsorted waste was abandoned, tired of suffering the situation, turned to the Municipal Police Headquarters in via Moffa di Lisio and reported the incident: the agents thus installed hidden technological devices to film what was happening at the inside the condominium courtyard. After a few days of filming, the officers of the Municipal Police, having ascertained the time slot in which the incorrect delivery of the waste took place, stationed themselves in the area, thus identifying the subject who perpetuated the abandonment: it is a forty-year-old resident in the city who would have acted in conjunction with other neighbors. The agents thus proceeded to contest the violations committed, provided for by the Municipal Regulations on waste disposal and the intervention put an end to the incorrect behavior. 

The activity is part of a broader control plan put in place daily by the Braidese Municipal Police Command and by the Inspectors of Environmental Control and ICAT Traffic with the collaboration of the EcoSportello. (Bra Municipal Police).

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