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The overall reorganization of the local public transport network of the Bra conurbation, which includes Cherasco, Pocapaglia and Sanfrè, was presented yesterday morning (Monday 6 May 2019) in the Municipality of Bra, with extension to the Municipalities of Narzole, Monchiero, Dogliani , Farigliano, Carrù, Cervere and Fossano. The new network - illustrated in the context of a press conference attended by the mayor Bruna Sibille and the delegated councilor for Transport Pietro Ferrero, the Councilor for Transport of the Piedmont Region Francesco Balocco, the head of the Piedmontese Mobility Agency Chiara Cavargna and the president of the Granda Bus Consortium Clemente Galleano - will officially come into operation on Monday 13 May 2019.

Quantitative and qualitative changes implemented by the project born from the synergy between the Municipality of Bra (leader of the conurbation), the Piedmontese Mobility Agency and the GrandaBus Consortium. From the start of the new TPL in Bra, those traveling by bus will have an extended service available, with 7 lines in the conurbation, compared to the previous 5; 2 new extra-urban lines, coordinated and put into a system with the conurbations; an increase in daily trips (from 12 to 14, depending on the lines, both outward and return); an intermodal connection that combines rail and road, with coordinated departure with the trains of 6,31 for Turin and Alba, coinciding with the timetables of the SFM 4 and SFM B railway lines and interchange node at Movicentro di Bra, right next to the railway station ; a complete revision of all schedules, fixed at the same time, for greater efficiency, convenience and ease of memorization.

In what is configured as a real territorial conurbation, it is worth mentioning the extra-urban line 415, which connects the municipalities of the Tanaro Valley to Bra up to Carrù and which actually restores, by bus, the trains of the old railway line "Bra - Ceva ", partially destroyed by the flood of 1994. Still on the subject of extra-urban connections, line 35, in addition to maintaining the five direct Bra-Cuneo services, approaches Bra and Fossano with hourly services, and stops in Cervere, Bricco and Roreto.

Also on Bra there is no shortage of news: the hour lines of the "north-south" ridge guarantee the frequency of a run every 15 minutes, in return, between the "Madonna Fiori" area and the "bridge of Via Cuneo" area ”, Then branching off to four different destinations. Even the districts and hamlets of Bra are effectively connected to each other, to the center and to the railway service with a system of regular and easy-to-use rides every 30 minutes, cooperating with those coming from the municipalities of Cherasco, Pocapaglia and Sanfrè. as well as with those of the vast area at the interchange node of the Movicentro Braidese.

The changes will be appropriately signaled by the 280 poles of the conurbation which, following restyling, will be equipped with an intuitive graphics and a QR code which, through the Granda Bus application, will return information on departure and arrival times updated in real time. . The reorganization project of the Bra conurbation, part of a wider review of the mobility of the provincial basin, will also be preparatory to the new public transport service for the Verduno Hospital, whose forthcoming opening will have an important impact on mobility. of the entire territory.

Finally, a promotion for families residing in the municipalities of the conurbation: to encourage the innovative public service offer, a real alternative to the use of private vehicles with positive effects both in environmental terms and in improving the quality of life, in the coming weeks the Municipalities of Bra, Cherasco, Pocapaglia and Sanfrè, in concert with the company Autolinee SAC Srl, will promote the free distribution of the Bip card - Piedmont integrated ticket (ordinary cost of 5 euros) to citizens who request it, on which two rides will be credited tribute to test the new city lines.

For more information on timetables and lines of the new Bra conurbation, soon online on the website of the service concessionaire, you can contact the company Autolinee SAC Srl (tel. 0172.411611 - or the Public Transport Office of the Municipality of Bra (tel. 0172.438291 - (Em)


Info: Municipality of Bra - Public Transport Office
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