In view of the upcoming 16 June 2019 deadline (extended to 17 because it is a public holiday) of the Imu and Tasi advances (with balance at 16 December), on the website of the Municipality of Bra, at .it, there are indications, rates, regulations and above all automatic calculators in order to define the amount to be paid, with the possibility also to compile and print the F24 model necessary to make the payment. No change from the previous year and, also for the 2019, both taxes do not apply to the main dwellings (excluding the luxury dwellings of the cadastral categories A1, A8 and A9.)

For Tasi, the city tax on indivisible services, there are few needs to make counts and payments, since under Zizzola the tax is essentially the only luxury homes, the so-called "commodity goods" built by construction companies and rural buildings instrumental to agricultural activities.

As usual, the municipal tax office, in the courtyard of Piazza Caduti for freedom 18, will be available to taxpayers to provide information on the counts, in its opening hours: from Monday to Friday on time 8,45-12,45 e, Tuesdays also from 15 to 16 and Thursdays from 8,45 to 16 all day. To guarantee confidentiality and speed in counter activities, the office will calculate the tax only to taxpayers or at most two of their delegates, if they present themselves with a written proxy on free paper and a copy of the identity document of those who they have delegated them. For the same reason, the calculations at the counter will not be made in the case of inheritance or if the number of properties and land for each individual tax payer is more than ten, including the appurtenances.

In June, taxpayers, paying delegations and newsletters relating to the Tari, the waste tax, and Tosap (the tax on the occupation of public areas or land), whose installments will expire on 16, will be forwarded directly to the taxpayers' house. July and the September 16, with related amounts already calculated. More information by calling the 0172.438233 number or writing to

Info: Bra City - Tribute Office
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