It is titled "When Bra was Queen of hides. Tanners and tanneries, a century of work and struggle "the documentary made by the Municipality of Bra that will be presented on the day of Labor Day, Wednesday 1 ° May 2019 at the Cinema Vittoria, at 20,30.

With literary references (already in the citation of the title) to Giovanni Arpino, one of the authors who told the Bra of leather tanning (together with Velso Mucci), the work by the documentary filmmaker Remo Schellino is based on the historiographical research of Fabio Bailo. The narrative voice of the actor Luca Occelli retrace an important fragment of the history of Braido by interweaving the words of some witnesses of the past (including Franco Milano, Gino Borgna, Domenico Asselle, Giovanni Asselle, Piero Fraire, Malvina Garrone Della Rocca and Rodolfo Gaia) , thanks to the video-interviews kept in the archive of the historical Institute of Bra and of the Braidese. The story also passes through the places that were the protagonists of a season that marked the historical, economic and social profile of the city, starting with the Company of the tanners of Corso IV Novembre and the Novella tannery opened thanks to the availability of the current owners, the Fogliato construction company. The documentary, after the preview of 1 May (with free admission), will be viewable at the Zizzola- Casa museo dei braidesi, among the testimonies on the recent history of the city. During the presentation evening the director Remo Schellino and the historian Fabio Bailo will intervene. (it's at)

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