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"The future arrives on time. A brief investigation of an ante litteram engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci" is the title of the exhibition that opens on Saturday 6 April 2019 at Palazzo Mathis in Bra, at 18pm. An exhibition that the City of Bra dedicates to the Renaissance genius , which marks the 500th anniversary of his death, and which tells the "technical" side through the exhibition of a series of drawings and projects and models of some of Leonardo's machines (made by Mario Bombara, president of the Modeling Association Racconigese). In the exhibition, curated by the Turin-based company Dastor which has also brought some of these materials to exhibitions abroad (from Tokyo to Washington), it will be possible to "browse" various Leonardo volumes in the "translated" version transcribed by the scholar Giovanni Piumati from Braid. In addition to admiring, kept in special display cases, the ancient volumes of Piumati (in particular "the Code on the flight of birds" and the Anatomy A and B manuals), in fact, are Verse multimedia stations with touchscreen displays with which to "virtually" browse the pages of the books on display.

A figure with multiple intelligences, painter, sculptor, scientist, musician, architect, inventor and engineer, Leonardo Da Vinci, in the collective imagination, is perhaps above all linked to pictorial works such as "The Last Supper" and the "Mona Lisa", universally known. But his intelligence was applied with even greater results to the field of engineering: in the civil field he designed bridges, gigantic hydraulic works, domes, imagined ideal cities on two levels, he studied the way to allow man to fly. He was a military engineer with projects and construction of avant-garde defensive structures and inventions of unconventional weapons for the time: from the tank to the diving suit. "His skills - underline the mayor Bruna Sibille and the councilor for Culture Fabio Bailo - were so extraordinary that even today, five hundred years after his death, the charm and the wonder of his intellect strike and seduce us, playing at par. with the wonders of modern progress. The exhibition is a tribute to his memory and an opportunity to see reproductions of some of his projects, in design and model. It is also an opportunity to remember Giovanni Piumati from Bra, who consecrated his entire, adventurous life at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to the analysis and dissemination of the scientific works of Leonardo, giving a contribution that, even today, has no equal in the field of Leonardo's studies ". The exhibition will be open until April 28th on Thursday and Friday from 9 to 12,30 and from 15 to 18 and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 12,30. For info 0172 430185. Admission is free. More details on



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