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Renewed the management of the cultural association Amici dei Musei di Bra. The architect Roberta Comoglio takes up the baton of the former president of the association, Professor Adalberto Bianchi who remains on the board as a director together with Cesare Agnelli, Mirella Ruberi and Marco Terenzi. The post of vice president was assigned to Domenico Scarzello, founder of the Museum of Mechanical Writing, treasurer is Stefania Cassine, while Tina Veglia is secretary and representative of the Youth Section of the association. The board met at the Craveri Museum for an initial discussion and to take stock of the ongoing initiatives and proposals for the future, in continuity with the activity carried out in the last twenty years and with the aim of undertaking new initiatives that can intercept the interest of the community and enrich the cultural offer in the city. Recently the Amici dei Musei association has renewed its collaboration with the Municipality of Bra for the activities concerning the civic museums and the city museum system. The architect Comoglio has been collaborating with the association for some time and is responsible for the design and coordination of the construction of the reception desk of the Craveri Museum, inaugurated last year and built thanks to the contribution of the Lions Club Bra Host. For more information on the activities of the Amici dei Musei association and to register, you can contact the Craveri Civic Museum of Natural History in Bra (tel. 0172 412010 - mail: (it's at)

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