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Also this year the Municipality of Bra adheres to the "World Autism Awareness Day" on April 2, 2019. On this occasion, for a few days, "blue" lights (the symbolic color of the initiative) will illuminate the facade of Palazzo Mathis . Furthermore, the activities promoted by Angsa (National Association of Autistic Parents to raise awareness of the characteristics of autism, a "neuro-diversity" that significantly affects the daily lives of autistic children, teens and adults are sponsored by the Municipality and their family members. The initiative "The colors of autism" will take place on Saturday 6 April 2019 from 16,30 pm at the "Arpino" multipurpose center in Bra with Dr. Luisa Di Biagio, highly functioning autistic psychologist, who will illustrate the topic offering an unprecedented point of view "from the inside" to help you know "all the colors and shades of autism." During the conference we will also talk about the summer "Summer Camp", born in Bra and also supported by the Municipality, to meet the needs of "special" children and give them the opportunity to strengthen their autonomy, even during the summer.

"We would like - explain the representatives of the Angsa Torino Group of Bra section - to make known the difficulties that a subject with autism 'forced' to live in our society lives every day, so that everyone, knowing autism better, can learn to approach this diversity in the right way, and, who knows, appreciate the heritage of sensitivity and the richness of feelings that people transmit ".

On the occasion of April 2, to promote a correct culture on autism, this topic will also be discussed in many schools in Bra, of different order and grade, and students will have the "task" of wearing a blue bracelet, as a symbol of awareness. towards a topic that is as current as it is delicate.

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