What are the prospects for healthcare in Bra and in the area? What aspects will characterize the organization of care and assistance processes and the integration between hospital and territorial services, also in view of the forthcoming opening of the Verduno Hospital? Topical issues with a strong social value, which will be at the center of the public meeting "Local Health: where are we?" ”Of broad resistance.

The meeting, promoted by the municipal administration and the ASL Cn2, aims to provide an opportunity for an in-depth discussion on the general health situation in the area, including projects, new challenges and opportunities.

The ASL Cn2 director Massimo Veglio and the mayor of Bra Bruna Sibille will participate. The meeting is open to all citizens. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Secretary of the Mayor
Tel. 0172.438361 - sindaco@comune.bra.cn.it