Spring is coming and, with her, the pleasant appointments in music that the civic institute "Gandino" of Bra dedicates to the city. Three concerts are scheduled: the 24 March and the 5 April, the protagonist will be the baroque music, in the splendid setting of the church of San Giovanni Battista, in an ideal combination that links and enhances music and artistic and architectural heritage of the city; the 13 April, the theme will be the blues, with a new musical project that will be unveiled in the Auditorium of the Cassa di Risparmio di Bra.

The first of the appointments in notes is Sunday March 24 2019 at the 17, with the final concert of the first master class of the "Gandino" in Bra dedicated to the baroque music of Antonio Vivaldi and, in particular, to solo violin and orchestra. During the event, scheduled in the Church of San Giovanni Battista (via Vittorio Emanuele II, 107), students and teachers of the master class will propose to the public concerts taken from Vivaldi's "Estro Armonico", with the participation of students from the Fossano Foundation Music, from the Trofarello Music Academy and from the prestigious Civic Music School of Milan.
The concert will conclude the "Gloria" by Vivaldi in D major for soloists, choir and orchestra in collaboration with the FFM Lyrical and Baroque Singing Class by Professor Paola Roggero and the Sicut Lilium Ensemble of the Giglio Choir, conducted by Livio Cavallo. He directs the maestro Alberto Intrieri, a renowned Milanese violinist and conductor, also director of the Braidese master class. Free admission.

The "Gandino" Primavera concerts will continue Friday 5 April at 21 with the baroque concert dedicated to the sacred vocal music "Salve o Regina", with songs by Hasse, Scarlatti and Carissimi. Also in this case, the location, courtesy of Don Gilberto Garrone, is the evocative Church of San Giovanni Battista, which during the year also hosted the liturgical organ and Piccoli Suoni courses of the musical institute.

It will take place instead in the Auditorium of the CRB Saturday 13 April at 21 "Blues in the night", the last of the three appointments in music of the spring of Bravo, with Chiara Rosso on vocals, Enzo Fornione on the piano and Carlo Gaia on drums, in a new project that combines tradition and modernity, between minimalist sound and incursions of soul, jazz and R'nB.

All concerts are free. More information by contacting the Adolfo Gandino Civic Musical Institute at the 0172.1806939 number or by e-mail at istitutocivicomusicale@gmail.com. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - "A. Gandino "
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