A woman residing in the city was deferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Asti by the Municipal Police Command of Bra, for the crime of theft aggravated with dexterity and on things "exposed to the public faith". The woman, during the last weekly market, was surprised by the owner of a traveling stall after she had hidden four items of clothing: the peddler immediately alerted the operations center of Lisio's Via Moffa Command and on the spot came the emergency response team that identified the woman and collected the testimonies. The woman had already been denounced in the 2017 by the agents of the Municipality for the same crime.

In one month the minor involved in a traffic accident in the street Casa del Bosco will be cured in the intersection with Strada Crosassa. The boy, driving his Piaggio motorcycle, arrived at the intersection and clashed with a Fiat Punto driven by a novice driver: after the accident the minor was transported first to the emergency room of Alba and then to the Cuneo Hospital where he is been subjected to a delicate surgical procedure.
On the spot, two patrols of the municipal police braidese intervened immediately to carry out the surveys and ascertain the responsibilities: the area remained partially forbidden to traffic for about an hour. (Municipal Police Bra)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police
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