Back in Bra, in its fourth edition, the "GeoBra" market exhibition of minerals, fossils, stones and gems, scheduled at Movicentro in Piazza Nassiriya (next to the train station) on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March 2019.

In the large glazed area adjacent to the railway station, over 180 linear meters of exhibition will welcome visitors, who will be able to admire the findings of the active seekers in the Piedmont localities and the most interesting novelties coming from the rest of Italy, from India, Morocco, Pakistan and Russia. As is now tradition, there will also be institutions active in the field of scientific conservation and dissemination, including the Territorial Paleontological Museum of Asti, the "Craveri" Civic Museum of Natural History in Bra, the "Friends of the Eusebio Museum" Association of Alba and the Altar Fossil Laboratory of the Comprehensive School of Carcare. In particular, the "Craveri" Museum will exhibit some specimens of lightning, a metamorphic rock resulting from the action of lightning on a sandy or rocky matrix, also known as "petrified lightning". The Paleontological Museum of Asti will propose examples of icnofossils, consisting of the fossilized traces of biological activity (food, movement, housing, etc.) that living beings of the past have left as evidence of their presence, important elements for the reconstruction of the environments of past.

The event is organized by the Amici dei Musei association, with the contribution of Baratti & Milano and under the patronage of the Piedmont Region and the City of Bra. Free admission, continuous time from 9 to 19. For more information, consult the "GeoBra2019" Facebook pages and the website. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Tourism, Culture, Events Office
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