It is an ancient story, revisited several times but with an ever present message, the one that will be represented in the last event of "Apriti sesamo", a mini theater review at the Politeama Boglione di Bra. Sunday 24 March 2019, the company "Tanti Cosi Progetti" brings on stage "Zuppa di sasso": through objects and masks, Danilo Conti interprets the different characters of the animal world who participate in the preparation of a curious soup to which each contributes adding an ingredient . The story, which has its origins in popular narration, invites us to reflect on feelings of union, friendship, happiness overcoming suspicion, suspicion, fear and leaving room for an unpredictable climate of lightness that accompanies us towards a festive ending. As if they were people, the animals represent different psychologies and attitudes towards the "game of illusion" put in place by the protagonist to prepare that mysterious "soup of stone" that intrigues to the point of transforming his suspicious interlocutors into hospitable friends.

The show, written by Danilo Conti and Antonella Piroli and produced by Accademia perduta-Romagna theaters, begins at 16,30. Admission is free for children and costs 5 euro for accompanying adults. More information on and at the Tourism and Events Office tel. 0172 430185. (it's at)

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