On Monday 18 March 2019 the experimentation concerning the establishment of the one way path in Via Europa, in Bra, direction of the IV Novembre course, between the 7.45 and the 8.15, coinciding with the time of entry to school. The measure, adopted by the municipal administration in agreement with the II Circolo educational department, the neighborhood committee and the "Rolfo" company, aims to guarantee greater security for the students of the "Don Milani" and their carers, in an area characterized - in those hours of the morning - by an intense vehicular circulation.

The single meaning, active only on weekdays, will be in force on an experimental basis until the end of the current school year. To reach the school and the parking lot of the company "Rolfo" by car, it is necessary to go from via Pertini and via San Giovanni Bosco with obligatory travel to the right of the roadway, while at the exit you can take via Europa (one way direction Corso IV) November) or return to Via San Giovanni Bosco. (Em)

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