The controls for the application of the new rules regulating the circulation of vehicles registered abroad introduced by the so-called "Safety Decree" also continue to Bra, with penalties and prohibitions for those traveling on a vehicle with a foreign registration number and residing in Italy from over 60 days.

The other night a police patrol in the Braidese Police station in a local control post placed the seals on a Bmw car driven by a woman who had been living in our country for several years. The vehicle was also subjected to administrative arrest and entrusted to the guardian-buyer for the Province of Cuneo, given the choice of the driver not to make use of the immediate payment of the penalty. The Agents also provided for the withdrawal of the woman's driving license, which was positive in controlling the rate of alcohol, with a value equal to twice the permitted one. This violation involved the referral of the same to the Attorney of the Republic of Asti for the offense of driving while intoxicated.

Also in the context of the checks carried out on road traffic, Agents from Brasil took the license for a man residing in Italy for over a year, who had not converted the foreign guide document into the Italian one; finally, four cars, thanks to the Targa System, were placed under administrative seizure as surprises in circulation without the required insurance coverage.

The checks will continue in the coming days. (Municipal police)

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