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The Trade Office of the City of Bra releases the essential cards for the occasional sale and for the participation of so-called hobbyists at the markets according to the provisions that regulate this type of sales on the Public Area  (consult here the regional legislation). The card must be requested from the Municipality of residence and the application, available as an attachment, must be accompanied by

 - a photocopy of the valid identity document of the interested party 

- for non-EU citizens, a copy of the valid residence permit

- recent photo ID to be affixed to the card 

- € 16 revenue stamp to be applied on the card (in addition to the stamp to be applied on the application, as per form)


Attached is also the information on the processing of personal data that applicants are required to view. For the Municipality of Bra, the files must be delivered to the Commerce Office open from Monday to Friday from 8,30 to 12,45 and on Tuesday and Thursday from 15 to 16. 

Participants in the markets (as governed by the relevant legislation) are also required to produce the list of goods for sale. 

To participate in the flea markets, minor antiques and collectibles that take place in Bra, you can consult the section of the site Culture and Tourism / Market used, minor antiques and collectibles.