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On 25 April and 27 September 2020, the Municipal Administration promotes the traditional market of minor antiques, collectibles and second-hand items in the streets and squares of Bra. 

For information on the set-up, 0172 430185 events office;


Download this file (MODEL A 2020 FOR PROFESSIONALS.pdf)2020 MODEL FOR PROFESSIONALS.pdf[Model A]103 kB
Download this file (MODEL B 2020 FOR HOBBISTS.pdf)MODEL B 2020 FOR HOBBISTS.pdf[Model B]109 kB
Download this file (Waste Regulations 2020.pdf)Waste Regulations 2020.pdf[Waste legislation]837 kB
Download this file (Market Regulations 27 September 2020 covid.pdf)Market Regulations 27 September 2020 covid.pdf[The rules]182 kB
Download this file (Use public areas.pdf)Use of public areas.pdf[Use public areas]837 kB