Three events with the "Teatro ragazzi" under the Zizzola. Politeama Boglione hosts a mini-billboard to invite young and very young people to discover the magic of live acting in the company of their families. It starts with the adaptation of a great classic of training literature: Sunday 20 January 2019 at 16,30 the Lombard company "The round circle" brings on stage on the stage of Piazza Carlo Alberto "The Adventures of Pinocchio". The show is inspired by the novel by Carlo Collodi and pushes us to reflect on the atavistic bond between man and tree, but also on the dualism between body and soul, heaven and earth. On stage, through the animation of puppets, the actor's hand accompanies the path of transformation and growth of Pinocchio that becomes a child and a man who, as an instinctive animal, becomes a compassionate being. The story is developed inside a wooden shack with backdrops inspired by paintings by Van Gogh. The show is designed for children and young people aged up to 4.

The second appointment on the bill is Sunday 17 February with "Little Red Riding Hood and the lone wolf" by the theater company Coltelleria Einstein of Alessandria. On stage a new Red Riding Hood that, as an adult, is interviewed for the creation of a documentary about wolves. The famous fairy tale revives through the memories of the child who is flanked by a series of notions about life and the behavior of wolves, in a comic and exciting show.
Closes the billboard of Teatro ragazzi, the 24 March 2019, "Zuppa di sasso" with the company "Tanti Cosi Progetti", produced by Accademia Perduta - Romagna Teatri. The popular fairy tale from which the show is based invites the young spectators to reflect on feelings of union, friendship, happiness, lightness overcoming mistrust, suspicion, fear. Through objects and masks, Danilo Conti performs on stage the different characters who participate in the preparation of a curious "stone soup".
All shows start at 16,30. Admission is free for children and costs 5 euro for accompanying adults. More information on and at the Tourism and Events Office tel. 0172 430185. (it's at)

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