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With the increase in temperatures, the risk of discomfort increases, especially for the elderly and weak subjects (children, pregnant women, etc.), linked to intolerance to high temperatures and, more generally, to the climate hot-sultry from the human body (cardio-vascular system and respiratory system). L'Arpa Piedmont in this regard, it has created an alert system which, through daily surveys, provides heat waves and assesses their effects on health. Every day the ARPA issues a bulletin with weather forecasts and their impact on the health of Piedmontese citizens for the following 72 hours. 

The mathematical model prepared allows to predict, depending on the foreseen conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, ozone level, cloud cover and consecutive days of extreme heat), levels of risk of attention, alarm or emergency, or conditions dangerous for the elderly and other categories of people. To deal with the situations of "attention", "alarm" and "emergency" announced by the Bulletin, it is appropriate to follow a series of advice.

Also this year the Piedmont Region has published and distributed information material on how to prevent and deal with heat waves. The material is available in the section Health / Prevention.

For any further needs, you can contact the hospital, outpatient or basic health services provided by theAsl Cn2.

The Civil Protection of Bra also provides updates with respect to any Alerts via the "Smart Plan" App