Signed in recent days in Bra two agreements relating to tax policies for the annual 2019 and the application of the Tari 2018 compensatory fund for non-domestic users.

The first of the two memorandums of understanding, signed by the Municipality of Bra together with the Cgil, Cisl, Uil confederations, provides "to increase the endowment of the 'Fiscal pressure compensatory fund' from the 10 thousand euro provided for the year 2018 to 12.500 euro from foresee for the year 2019 ". The threshold of the Isee functional indicator for access is also increased (from 17 thousand euros of 2018 to 18 thousand for families and 19 thousand for nucleuses formed by one person for 2019), eliminating any distinction related to the type of income and extending, in fact, the audience of possible beneficiaries. The measure, adopted "with the aim of favoring households in conditions of economic difficulty and of guaranteeing neutrality in the application of local taxation", also undertakes to maintain unchanged reductions for the next year. application of the Tari, the Imu, the Tasi and the municipal supplement to the Irpef.

The compensatory fund also increases in favor of the companies most penalized by the increase in the waste tax in the year 2018 which, from the 15 thousand euros initially allocated, passes to 80 thousand euros. The memorandum of understanding signed by the municipal administration and by the trade associations most representative of the production activities in the city, as well as the comparison activity during the permanent table on the issues related to the higher tax loads determined by the changes in the distribution the costs of the 2018 Economic and Financial Plan related to the application of the Tari. The agreement between the Municipality and trade associations approves the "Disciplinary for the granting of contributions to the most penalized companies", committing the parties also to the maximum collaboration for the rapid definition of the practices related to the preparation of applications, the definition of rankings and settlement of the underlying items. (Em)

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