A complete census will be launched in the next few days on the occupations of public land and on advertising signs in the municipal territory, for the purpose of verifying the regular discharge of the related municipal taxes. The activity will be carried out on the territory by staff of the cooperative Fraternità sistemi, which already follows the municipal service for the management of the related taxes and public billposting, which will carry out surveys, measurements and photographs throughout the city.

All the staff carrying out the census activity will be identified with an identification card and their presence on the territory will be anticipated by a communication from the Municipality. If you have any doubt, you can contact the 0172.438221 or 337.1062284 numbers. Still, writing to the address bra.sistemi@fraternita.it.

Always the same cooperative is carrying out an investigation into the correct stacking of properties in the territory of Bra, in order to verify any discrepancies with regard to the application of the municipal tax, the IMU. For this reason, the municipal administration will inform the interested parties of the assessment activities in order to ensure greater collaboration and information to the tax payers for the correct application of the tax.

info: City of Bra - Tribute Office
tel. 0172.438233 - tributi@comune.bra.cn.it