United in the name of solidarity and a good cause, even in the workplace: this is what happened in Bra, where the employees of the City have "taxed", giving the remuneration of hours worked for the purchase of a helmet " brace "for patients in cancer therapy in the local hospital.

In total, 1.133 euro were collected, deriving from 150 hours that "municipal" 50 devolved to the project. The sum collected was paid to the New Hospital Foundation of Alba-Bra, with express constraint linked to the purchase of the innovative machinery that, through a customized cooling process, helps to limit hair loss, widespread and traumatic side effect of treatments cancer.

"I thank the employees for their great sensitivity," commented the Mayor of Bra Bruna Sibille. Thanks to the generosity of many it will be possible to equip our hospital with a useful tool to make the fight against the cancer of women and men more human ". (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Secretary of the Mayor
tel. 0172.438361 - sindaco@comune.bra.cn.it